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Hi.  My name is Levi Vaoga and I am a professional strongman and the ambassador for the Mitre 10 Mega stores throughout New Zealand.

I have been competing internationally in the strongman sport since 1999 and have carried; lifted and pressed some extremely heavy weights in a variety of ways.  I therefore know how a stable stance and good posture can keep the body strong and help prevent injury.

Since I started using ProKinetics (in 2010), I feel my posture has greatly improved and foot positions have become more natural, enabling me to adjust quicker when heavy lifting.  My lifts have also noticeably increased and I no longer suffer aches and pains in my hips and feet after heavy training sessions.  I believe the improvements can be attributed to wearing the ProKinetics Insoles. 


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About Walk Tall Aotearoa

nigel-200I have had a long term interest, as part of my Osteopathic work, in movement education, initially via Yoga and Alexander technique and later through training with Paul Chek.

In my practice I put a lot of store on posture and movement, I write individual exercise programmes for people when required and I teach “Mindful Movement” classes which are a mix of traditional hatha Yoga and Swiss ball exercise.

I have a wide age range in these classes. As part of this picture I have been constantly presented with the postural problems created by the foot. Traditionally these have been dealt with in two ways. One is by the use of arch supports and posting which, in my experience, seems to weaken the foot and lower leg. The second is by training the core and lower limb to mitigate the hyperpronation. The latter can be reasonably successful but needs constant training from the patient and is energy consuming in terms of excess muscular activity.

Since 2004 I have integrated the use of Postural Control Insoles into my practice.  The results have been impressive to say the least. The patients that I had taught to “brace” the hyperpronation have been able to relax. Patients who “release” the hyperpronation and collapse their posture have toned their postural mechanics. Patients report less pain in feet, knees, back; feel taller; less tired etc..  In some cases I have objectively measured postural changes happen in two to three weeks that, in my experience, would have taken as many months with the best exercise programme.

Because I saw a potential for good in these products I decided to take on distributing them in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  They are slim, user friendly, relatively inexpensive and offer a simple way for Osteopaths and other bodywork practitioners who have an interest in, and understand postural bio-mechanics, to add another tool to their toolbox.

staminaFor more information about the product itself please look at the Posture Dynamics website or the Mortons Foot website. As well as the original Posture Control Insoles we also supply Prokinetic Insoles and Solemates. See catalogue for all our products.

This approach is not without controversy and I have monitored its use in my practice with objective as well as subjective measures.  I have also co-authored 2 Single Subject Research Designs which was selected for and presented at the inaugural Australia New Zealand Osteopathic Research Conference in December 2007.
I am hoping to continue to train practitioners to be able to use these products as a part of an integrated approach to postural dysfunction.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nigel Brooke - Registered Osteopath

Director, Walk Tall Aotearoa Ltd. 2012

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