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Hi.  My name is Levi Vaoga and I am a professional strongman and the ambassador for the Mitre 10 Mega stores throughout New Zealand.

I have been competing internationally in the strongman sport since 1999 and have carried; lifted and pressed some extremely heavy weights in a variety of ways.  I therefore know how a stable stance and good posture can keep the body strong and help prevent injury.

Since I started using ProKinetics (in 2010), I feel my posture has greatly improved and foot positions have become more natural, enabling me to adjust quicker when heavy lifting.  My lifts have also noticeably increased and I no longer suffer aches and pains in my hips and feet after heavy training sessions.  I believe the improvements can be attributed to wearing the ProKinetics Insoles. 


For more information, contact:
Walktall Aotearoa
15 Pitt Street, Wanganui,
New Zealand
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